Finding Your Fit

We invite you to discover and experience the benefits of a diverse team with differing educational interests, experiences, and strategies.

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing your insurance. There are so many advertising campaigns vying for your attention, telling you that you’ll save money with their company. But you really never know unless you make dozens of phone calls to see who you’re going to save money with – and even more important, what kind of service and coverage you’re going to get from one of those companies.

That’s why Independent Insurance Agents are different. We don’t work for a company, we work for YOU.  We are your advocate, not the company’s. That means when you have a claim, we work on your behalf to make sure you’re claim is processed quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

We write for multiple companies – so you’re not bound to one option. We do the shopping for you to find you the best option we have, with the best price for the coverage you need.  And we are honest, our goal is not to sell you but to make sure you are covered.  We will tell you straight out if what you currently have for insurance is better than what we can offer you – although 99% of the time, ours is better!